Tazapay was founded as an accessible platform that enables Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs) to conduct cross-border trade securely and effectively. It combines the latest financial tech and services for SMBs to carry out cross-border service trade while dealing with trusted businesses, minimising risk, and using modern B2B digital payment methods. Tazapay is a member of the Singapore FinTech Association.

Our founders are experienced leaders in prominent fintech and service companies around the world.


Rahul Shinghal

CEO & Co-Founder

Rahul is passionate about using the power of tech to solve real world problems and truly democratise commerce and trade. He has worked in payments for over 20 years at high growth companies including PayPal and Stripe. Throughout his corporate career he has strived to build high performance teams, develop talent and help people find their true worth. He hopes to create an organisation where people are proud of their craft, have deep respect for their colleagues and are truly driven to make an impact.


Saroj Mishra

COO & Co-Founder

A second time entrepreneur with a long career in finance and an engineer at heart. Democratizing access to financial services is his passion. After 15 years in Citibank and Standard Chartered Bank, working on solving challenges for large corporations, his first entrepreneurial dive took him to the world of SMBs. The years spent there opened his eyes to the sheer size of the market, but also to all their pain points. He considers Tazapay an inspirational journey to unleash their immense potential through technology.


Arul Kumaravel

CTO & Co-Founder

An accomplished technology veteran, Arul has over 23 years of experience building and leading teams in full-cycle project management, strategic product development and marketing initiatives. He led the development of numerous high-profile products for Microsoft, Amazon and Grab, reaching millions of customers worldwide. Arul believes that technology can enrich and enhance people’s lives for good. He is a life long learner and is always looking for ways to learn new things.

Lakshmi Rao

Head of Product
Lakshmi loves the product management craft and has worked on multiple roles across product and

Tiffany Ho

UX Designer
Tiffany is a user experience designer with years of experience working in Fintech. Designing with a keen focus

Maria Amorim

Maria is a marketer and digital anthropologist who loves creative problem-solving and a good

Soo-Yeong, Beh

UX/UI Designer
Soo-Yeong is a UX/UI designer who creates designs that align with both heart and mind. She believes that

Gopi Raman

Software Engineer
Gopi is passionate about using tech to shape ideas to product. When not working, he’s consumed by books

Umang Singh

Software Engineer
Umang is a technology enthusiast, always keen to learn and apply cutting edge technologies, specialises in

Suveetha Kamatchi

Software Engineer
Lakshmi loves the product management craft and has worked on multiple roles across product and