SeesanTV: Unlocking Local Payment Methods to Thailand in a Single Checkout

Amanda Lim
Jun 24, 2022
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SeesanTV: Unlocking Local Payment Methods to Thailand in a Single Checkout

Globalisation and digitalisation has allowed many opportunities for people to move to a foreign country. However, home often holds a special place in people’s hearts, especially the feeling of homesickness that arises from those that move far away from where they were born.

The Thai diaspora is no exception to feeling homesick. With 1.1 million of them across the globe, it’s certain that some would turn to digital means to reminisce about Thailand.

This is where SeesanTV, a streaming platform specialising in Thai media, and by extension Asian media from India, Japan, Korea, and more, comes in to fill the void. With more than 40 live channels and video-on-demand playback made available less than an hour after the broadcast, the team behind SeesanTV works hard to update their listings 24 hours a day. Thus ensuring that their viewers are able to stay on top of their favourite series anytime on any smart device.

B2B payment complexities simplified and manual processes digitised with Tazapay

To achieve the lofty goal of reaching out to the Thai diaspora, SeesanTV not only needed the library of media made available, they also needed a steady infrastructure in place to allow Thai users to subscribe to the platform and stream the content seamlessly. However, recent revisions to Thailand’s anti money laundering laws proved to be a challenge with many global payment providers taking a hit in their operations.

Challenges in a Dynamic Payments Environment

SeesanTV had previously partnered with a global payments platform to allow their users to pay for their subscription services. While it had worked well in terms of providing a seamless global checkout, it was limited in that there were only two ways their users could pay: through the platform’s eWallet or through debit and credit cards.

On top of that, the government’s revision of anti money laundering laws also caused a hitch in most global payment providers operating in the country, including PayPal which had to relaunch their services in Thailand.

With these bumps on the road in a dynamic legal environment for payment operations, SeesanTV needed to find a payment platform that could ensure a seamless checkout without operational hiccups, preferably one with a local presence so that they could stay on top of legislative changes.

This is where Tazapay’s solution comes in.

Challenges SeesanTV faced in a dynamic online payments environment

A Seamless International Payment Gateway with Localised Payment Methods

Through Tazapay’s international payment gateway, SeesanTV was able to keep their checkout smooth while also offering new payment options for their customers.

Since Tazapay has local payment partners in Thailand, Tazapay’s international checkout enables users to pay beyond just debit or credit cards. SeesanTV’s hosted checkout page with Tazapay now offers PromptPay and local bank transfer as accepted payment methods when customers subscribe to their streaming services.

These localised partnerships also mean that the Thai diaspora can pay with their preferred payment method from all across the world, leading to a 10% growth in user base ever since integrating with Tazapay.

With Tazapay checkout, not only did this enable their users to pay the way they like, SeesanTV also enjoyed a further 2% in cost savings. This benefit is carried over to their users, who won’t need to pay an additional fee when they choose to checkout via Tazapay for SeesanTV’s subscriptions.

“Not only is Tazapay easy to install and easy to use, our customers can pay more easily and can choose from many different payment methods thanks to Tazapay.” - Wirin Chimsuwan, Director of SeesanTV

What SeesanTV gained from integrating Tazapay's checkout solution

By integrating with Tazapay, SeesanTV was able to navigate through Thailand’s ever-changing legislative landscape to serve the international Thai community. This also led to capturing a wider user base since integration and passing cost savings to their audience due to Tazapay’s lower platform fees on top of offering localised payment methods from wherever they are based.

If you’re interested in finding the right localised checkout, currency conversion, and payout solution for your eCommerce platform, feel free to contact us so that we can understand your online business needs.

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SeesanTV: Unlocking Local Payment Methods to Thailand in a Single Checkout
Case Study

SeesanTV: Unlocking Local Payment Methods to Thailand in a Single Checkout

Jun 24, 2022
3 min of read