Protect your international payments with a fully digital escrow
Buyer's money is securely held and released to the seller on shipment

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Protect your transactions against delays and cancellations

No more unsecured advance payments

  • Keep your money secure until goods are shipped
  • Access new sellers and markets to grow your business
  • Fully verify seller's identity and compliance status
  • Get your money back if the goods fail the inspection
How Escrow works
Send Escrow Request
Provide transaction details and send an escrow payment request to your buyer or vendor
Accept Request
Counterparty to create a Tazapay account and accept escrow payment request
Transfer Payment to Tazapay
Buyer to tranfer the invoice amount, Tazapay will safeguard the funds until the order is fulfilled
Provide Document Proof
Vendor to provide proof of shipment for goods or proof of delivery for services
Tazapay Verifies Documents
Tazapay will check the documents against agreement
Payment Release
Once documents are verified, payment will be released and vendor will receive funds within 48 hours.
Customer Testimonials

We buy and sell hardware, software and services all over the world. Being able to pay our suppliers and receive from customers on a daily basis is a vital part of our operations. However cross border payments is challenging and can hinder the success of a sale. Tazapay solves this problem, providing not only a convenient technology but also the operational support to make the process a lot easier for us.

They also provide a variety of payment methods to us and our customers. We have been using them for some time now. Speed of funds collection and completion of payments is very good. The fees are quite competitive.

Mr Pang Wee Tak
Founder of Synchroweb Technology

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Your money is securely handled by an institution licensed and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Rapyd. As per MAS requirements, all customer funds are safeguarded and held with an authorised bank in Singapore.

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