Verify your trade partners for FREE and grow your business safely
Is it difficult to grow your business when you don't know the counterparty?
Do you spend time and resources vetting new partners?
Have you still fallen prey to scammers, leaving you frustrated?
You can count on us! We cross-check multiple data sources so you don't have to.

Instant online verification and detailed company reports

Directly from hundreds of government registers as well as customs and shipping data from around the world.

12+ Languages
90+ Countries
110+ Million

Find out today if your business partner is legitimate

Check that they have the right intention and the capability to fulfil their obligations?


  • Company Status
  • Registration Number
  • Type of Activity


  • Trade History
  • Share Captial
  • Company Finanicals


  • Years in Business
  • Directors and shareholders
  • Litigations

Request for a detailed report including trade history to be delivered within 24 business hours

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