Protect your international payments with a fully digital escrow
Buyer's money is securely held and released to the seller on shipment

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Trusted platform for B2B transactions

Your money is securely handled by an institution licensed and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Rapyd. As per MAS requirements, all customer funds are safeguarded and held with an authorised bank in Singapore.

Backed by leading investors

Fintech Certified by
Singapore Registered Company

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Protect your transactions against delays and cancellations

No more unsecured advance payments

  • Keep your money secure until goods are shipped
  • Access new sellers and markets to grow your business
  • Fully verify seller's identity and compliance status
  • Get your money back if the goods fail the inspection

How does Tazapay Escrow work?


Buyer and seller mutually agree on the terms of trade

Trade only with verified partners around the world

Run checks on your trade partners for FREE in less than a minute. Find out company status, registration details, shareholder information, and much more.

Download detailed reports including trade history on any company to grow your business with confidence.