Payment service especially designed for cross-border B2B services

How do we protect your payments?
Tazapay escrow is a simple B2B payment service which protects both the buyer and the vendor
As a trusted third party, Tazapay holds the buyer’s funds until the vendor delivers the service.
Tazapay releases the funds to the vendor upon verification of the proof of service delivery.

The Most Optimized Fees for Crossborder and High-Value Transactions

Local Bank Transfer
Other Non-Cards/APMs
QR codes, Internet banking
Credit and Debit cards
3.5% + $0.5*
*The price is for non-high risk industries
How Escrow works
Send Escrow Request
Provide transaction details and send an escrow payment request to your buyer or vendor
Why Tazapay Escrow
Other options are often more costly, cumbersome or do not provide any protection
Wire Transfer
Online Money Transfer
Cross Border E-wallets
Protection against fraud, non-payment and non-fulfilment Yes
Cost of transaction 1.8% with a maximum fee of $250 per transaction
FX markup on spot rate <0.5%
Amendment of transaction terms Free, dedicated ops team to support
Ease of use Fully digital, no paperwork
Wire Transfer
Start using Tazapay escrow payments today for your business payments
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Connecting buyers and sellers from 173+ countries worldwide
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Customer Testimonials

We buy and sell hardware, software and services all over the world. Being able to pay our suppliers and receive from customers on a daily basis is a vital part of our operations. However cross border payments is challenging and can hinder the success of a sale. Tazapay solves this problem, providing not only a convenient technology but also the operational support to make the process a lot easier for us.

They also provide a variety of payment methods to us and our customers. We have been using them for some time now. Speed of funds collection and completion of payments is very good. The fees are quite competitive.

Mr Pang Wee Tak
Founder of Synchroweb Technology