Protect your international payments using Tazapay's digital escrow

How do we protect your payments?
Tazapay escrow is a simple payments service which protects both the buyer and the seller in a transaction.
As a trusted third party, Tazapay holds the buyer's funds until the seller fulfils their obligations of the deal.
Tazapay releases the funds to the seller upon verification of the proof of shipment.
We eliminate risk equally for buyers and sellers
Keep your money secure until goods are shipped
Hedge against delayed or cancelled shipment
Fully verify seller's identity and compliance status
Get your money back if goods fail the inspection
Sell more by building trust with international buyers
Secure full payment amount in an escrow before you ship
Build your reputation as a reliable seller
Work only with verified buyers, no more post shipment hassles

How does Tazapay Escrow work?


Buyer and seller mutually agree on the terms of trade

The most optimized fees for crossborder B2B and high-value transactions

Bank transfers, QR codes, Internet banking
Credit and Debit cards
FX-matching if you find better, no hidden charges, no amendment fees.
*The price is for low risk industries
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How Tazapay Stacks Up
Tazapay escrow is easy to set up and fully digital
Tazapay escrow is easy and accessible, you can signup and start transacting immediately
Low cost, with no hidden fees
Full visibility of funds at all times so you know where your money is
Payment to escrow is real-time
A suite of fast and convenient local payment methods
Tazapay vs Wire Transfer
Tazapay vs Letter of Credit
Tazapay vs Law Firms
Tazapay vs Wire Transfer
Protection against fraud
Protection against delayed/canceled shipment
Accessible to all SMEs
No cumbersome paperwork
Low cost and no hidden fees
Easy to amend (no fee) and track
Tazapay Escrow
What is escrow and how does it protect you and your money?
Amendments & Disputes
How do we work with you for FREE to make amendments or resolve disputes?
Payment methods, settlement time, release conditions, fees and more