No More Unfair Chargebacks with Tazapay Seller Protection
Protect yourself from illegitimate disputes if you’ve done your part in delivering your goods or services
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Tazapay’s Seller Protection Program Allows You to Contest these Charges
Item not received
Submit shipping documents to show proof of delivery*
Significantly not as described
Submit supporting documents and additional proof*
Unauthorised transaction claims
Tazapay ensures all transactions are on 3DS to ensure that buyer must authorise their payments and ensure that no amount is deducted from the seller
*All documents need to be submitted in 10 days for consideration. Chargeback disputes close in favour of the buyer if no response is received within 10 days.
**If during the course of Tazapay’s investigation we find enough evidence of fraudulent activities by the seller, we will exercise legal options and take necessary steps under the law.
Do business more, worry less
If you’ve fulfilled your obligations as a seller, we’ll mediate disagreements until all issues are resolved.
Minimise chargeback fraud
We’ll make sure you get the amount contested for, including any platform fees from Tazapay, and put all transactions via 3DS to ensure that all transactions are always buyer authorized
10-day grace period for contesting chargebacks
You have all the time you need to submit transactional evidence in your favour.
How Tazapay’s Seller Protection Works
Seller is Informed of Dispute
Tazapay will notify the seller that the buyer raised a dispute with the transaction number and type of dispute (item not received or significantly not as described).
Submit Documents
Seller submits the documents to Tazapay to contest the dispute.
Mediation with Tazapay
If both you and the buyer are unable to come to an agreement, Tazapay will step in to resolve the issue.
Tazapay Pte. Ltd. (UEN: 202010604W) is licenced as a Major Payment Institution by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (Licence No. PS20200638). See licence information here.

Tazapay Canada Corp. (Incorporation number: BC1313641 ) is regulated as a Money Services Business by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (MSB registration number M21439799). See registration information here.

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