Seamless Checkout with Zero Non-Payment Risks for Service Providers

All the protection from a Letter of Credit but faster, cheaper, and hassle-free
Collect and hold funds until all project tasks are met
Create milestone payments as the project progresses
Offer local payment options in over 80 key growing markets
Grow beyond borders with a global payment network spanning 173 countries

The most optimized fees for crossborder B2B and high-value transactions

Local Bank Transfer
Other Non-Cards/APMs
QR Codes, Voucher-based, Bank Redirect Apps etc.
Credit and Debit cards
3.5% + $0.5*
For a detailed breakdown of all our transaction and settlement fees, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section
*The price is for low risk industries

How Does it Work?

Suggested Use Cases
eCommerce websites with carts
SaaS platforms with global customer base
Online businesses looking to lower their payment costs

Payment Gateway API

Secure cross-border direct and escrow transactions that originate on your website with a single API integration, Pay with bank redirect, local bank transfer, credit or debit card, and more.
Easy API integration or Plugin
Earn USD 100 when a new user successfully completes 20 transaction with a total value of at least USD 1000.
Seamless workflow with your own branding
Buyer can make payments in a few clicks
Real-time status updates
Real-time updates for each step of all transactions
Suggested Use Cases
Business without transactional websites
Platforms accepting payments on behalf of their sellers
Negotiated transactions
Professional services

Payment Links

This is the simplest way to receive direct or escrow payments from your customers. Links can be generated by the seller or by the platform or broker on behalf of the seller and buyer.
No integration
Get started in minutes by signing up for Tazapay account
Seamless experience
Can be sent via chat, email or online enquiry/RFP forms
Real-time status updates
Full record of all transactions for easy payment tracking and reconciliation

Collect and Disburse to 173+ Markets with One Tazapay Account

Simple payment links and API integration
Pay with Local
Bank Account
Lowest FX
No Chargebacks
Available in 40+ countries
Same day to 2 days settlement
International Wire Transfer
No Chargebacks
Available in 35+ countries
Instant collection
Credit Card
Available in 173+ countries
Instant collection
Credit Card Payments

To keep our ecosystem safe, the first payment made via credit card will be released to sellers 14 days after payment is made.

Subsequent payment release for credit cards payment (from any buyer) will be instant.

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