Seamless Checkout with Zero Non-Payment Risks for Service Providers

Your work is valuable, let us ensure that you get paid every time, anywhere.
Collect and hold funds in an escrow until all project tasks are met
Create milestone payments as the project progresses
Offer local payment options in 56 key growing markets
Grow beyond borders with a global payment network spanning 173 countries
Building blocks for every business model

Payment Simplified in a Trusted Account

Local and global payment methods
shield Collect and Hold Payments over 173 Countries
fast Transparent and compliant holding of escrow funds
Vector Customised payment milestones
multiple local and global payment methods

Local and Global Payment Methods

All major local and international payment methods are supported globally to offer low cost and fast settlement to businesses

compliant and secure holding of payments in an online escrow

Collect and Hold Payments over 173 Countries

Enable clients to pay you the way they want with local payment collections in 56 major markets. You can choose to hold or convert currencies only when you need it.

customisable milestone payments and payment release

Transparent and compliant holding of escrow funds

Always know where the money is with an escrow that is segregated and safeguarded with leading banks, under the jurisdiction of the MAS.

flexible pricing and commission fee structures for marketplaces

Customised payment milestones

Milestones for payment release can be customised to suit the way you deliver projects.

The Most Optimized Fees for Crossborder B2B and High-Value Transactions

Bank transfers, QR codes, Internet banking
Credit and Debit cards
FX-matching if you find better, no hidden charges, no amendment fees.
*The price is for low risk industries

How Does it Work?

Payment Links
This is the simplest way to receive direct or escrow payments from your customers. Links can be generated by the seller or by the platform or broker on behalf of the seller and buyer.
Easy integration
Get started in minutes by signing up for Tazapay account
Seamless experience
Can be sent via chat, email or online enquiry/RFP forms
Real-time status updates
Full record of all transactions so that you can easily track and reconcile payments
Suggested Use Cases
  • Business without transactional websites
  • Platforms accepting payments on behalf of their sellers
  • Negotiated transactions
  • Professional services
Payment Gateway API
Secure cross-border direct and escrow transactions that originate on your website with a single API integration. Pay Now, Pay with Escrow and Buy Now Pay Later options available.
Easy integration
Get started quickly with a single API call
Seamless workflow with your own branding
Buyer can make payments in a few clicks
Real-time status updates
Real-time updates for each step of all transactions
Suggested Use Cases
  • SaaS platforms with global customer base
  • eCommerce websites with carts
  • Online businesses looking to lower their payment costs
  • Platforms which need recurring payment

Collect and Disburse to 173+ Markets with One Tazapay Account

Simple payment links and API integration
Pay with
local bank account
Best FX Rate
Available in 56 countries
Instant to 1 day settlement
Wire Transfer
Available through all major banks
Available for 173 countries
2-4 days settlement
Credit Card
jcb unionpay master discover amex disc visa

Available for 173 countries
Instant settlement

Customer Testimonials

We buy and sell hardware, software and services all over the world. Being able to pay our suppliers and receive from customers on a daily basis is a vital part of our operations. However cross border payments is challenging and can hinder the success of a sale. Tazapay solves this problem, providing not only a convenient technology but also the operational support to make the process a lot easier for us.

They also provide a variety of payment methods to us and our customers. We have been using them for some time now. Speed of funds collection and completion of payments is very good. The fees are quite competitive.

Mr Pang Wee Tak
Founder of Synchroweb Technology