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Tazapay escrow protects you
protective shield
Your money is securely held until the shipment is completed and you get your money back if the shipment is delayed.
protective shield
Your money is released in full as soon as you ship the goods. Buyer cannot withhold or deny your payment if you meet your obligations.
Tazapay escrow protects your money
Regulated payments partner
Your money is securely handled by an institution licensed and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Rapyd.
Safeguarded with authorised banks
In accordance with MAS regulatory requirements, all customer funds are safeguarded with an authorised bank in Singapore.
Segregated customer funds
All customer funds, at all times, are segregated from our own corporate funds which we use to run our own business.
Tazapay escrow is easy and accessible
You can signup and start transacting immediately.
Low cost, with
no hidden fees
A suite of fast and
convenient local
payment methods
Full visibility of funds
at all times, know
where your money is
Payment to escrow
is real-time
Tazapay is the easiest way to make your
cross-border transactions safe
We've heard from hundreds of small businesses that current options are costly, cumbersome or not easily accessible
Tazapay vs Wire Transfer
Tazapay vs Letter of Credit
Tazapay vs Law Firms
Tazapay vs Wire Transfer
Protection against fraud
Protection against delayed/canceled shipment
Accessible to all SMEs
No cumbersome paperwork
Low cost and no hidden fees
Easy to amend (no fee) and track
Backed by leading investors
Fintech Certified by
Singapore Registered Company
Tazapay enables more deals for you and less friction for everyone. Ready to get started?
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