The easiest way to make your cross-border transactions safe

Eliminate uncertainties by conducting background checks on trade partners and protecting your payments with escrow. That's more successful negotiations for you and less friction for everyone.

Business Verification

Want to know if your trade partner is legitimate?

Conduct background checks on all types of businesses to ensure a more transparent trade. Find out company status, registration details, shareholder information, and much more. Download specialised reports on any company today to grow your business with confidence.

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Escrow Services

Make and receive payments through our digital Escrow service

Set your own milestones for payments. Release any amount in stages upon the completion of a milestone. Reduce the risk for both parties.

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Formalise your trade activities

Create a proposal, collect signatures and close your deals all in one place.

Knowledge Centre

Need help with import-export procedures?

Fill in the form below to get guidance on incoterms, customs details and download shipping document samples.

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