Protect Your International Payments with Digital Escrow

Tazapay's escrow protects buyers and sellers by holding the buyer's funds in an escrow account until the seller fulfils their obligations.
Get the flexibility to create an escrow on Tazapay's dashboard or integrate it with your platform.
Escrow for every business use case
Businesses without checkout function on the websites
Negotiated B2B transactions
eCommerce platforms accepting payments on behalf of their sellers
Brokers facilitating transactions amongst two other parties
How Does Escrow work?
Send Escrow Request
Provide transaction details and send an escrow payment request to your vendor
What Can You Buy & Sell Using Tazapay’s Escrow?
Our escrow services can help secure funds through local payment collection for high value transactions, such as:
physical goods
Physical Goods
Export-import commodities
Luxury items
Manufacturing items
Industrial items
and more..
digital goods
Digital Goods
Social media accounts and channels
Online stores & brands
Email lists
Domain names
and more..
Web development
Software development
Mobile development
Marketing services
Creative services
and more..
How are Your Funds Protected with our Escrow Services?
Regulated payments partner
Your money is securely handled by an institution licensed and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).
Safeguarded with authorised banks
In accordance with MAS regulatory requirements, all customer funds are safeguarded with an authorised bank in Singapore.
Segregated customer funds
All customer funds, at all times, are segregated from our own corporate funds which we use to run our own business.

The most optimized fees for crossborder B2B and high-value transactions

Local Bank Transfer
Other Non-Cards/APMs
QR codes, Internet banking
Credit and Debit cards
3.5% + $0.5*
For a detailed breakdown of all our transaction and settlement fees, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section
*The price is for non-high risk industries
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Tazapay’s Escrow is Easy to Set Up and Fully Digital
Sign up and create a transaction agreement in seconds for your shipments, digital assets, projects, and more.
Low cost, with no hidden fees
Full visibility of funds at all times so you know where your money is
Payment to escrow is real-time
A suite of fast and convenient local payment methods
Tazapay vs Wire Transfer
Tazapay vs Letter of Credit
Tazapay vs Law Firms
Tazapay vs Wire Transfer
Protection against fraud
Protection against delayed/canceled shipment
Accessible to all SMEs
No cumbersome paperwork
Low cost and no hidden fees
Easy to amend (no fee) and track
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Collect and Disburse to 173+ Markets with One Tazapay Account

Simple payment links and API integration
Local Bank
Lowest FX
No Chargebacks
Available in 40+ countries
Same day to 2 days settlement
Real-Time Local
Payment Methods
No Chargebacks
pay_now promt_pay poli sofort etc.

Available in 35+ countries
Instant collection
Credit & Debit Card
master visa

Available in 173+ countries
Instant collection
Credit Card Payments
To keep our ecosystem safe, the first payment made via credit card will be released to sellers 14 days after payment is made.
Subsequent payment release for credit cards payment (from any buyer) will be instant.

Customer Testimonials

We buy and sell hardware, software and services all over the world. Being able to pay our suppliers and receive from customers on a daily basis is a vital part of our operations. However cross border payments is challenging and can hinder the success of a sale. Tazapay solves this problem, providing not only a convenient technology but also the operational support to make the process a lot easier for us.

They also provide a variety of payment methods to us and our customers. We have been using them for some time now. Speed of funds collection and completion of payments is very good. The fees are quite competitive.

Mr Pang Wee Tak
Founder of Synchroweb Technology


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Tazapay Canada Corp. (Incorporation number: BC1313641 ) is regulated as a Money Services Business by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (MSB registration number M21439799). See registration information here.

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