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Effortlessly collect, hold, and disburse funds like a local in over 35 currencies with Tazapay global collection accounts.
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Unlock Global Growth with Tazapay Collection Accounts

No Unnecessary Conversion Fees
Say goodbye to conversion losses. Keep, hold and reuse your funds as you need.
Bypass wire delays that may take 3-5 days to complete.
Your Account,
Your Name
Gain customer trust with your business name on every transaction.
Multiple Markets,
Zero Local Entities
Become a world player while skipping the local entity hassle.

Solutions Tailored for Every Business Need

Marketplace Merchants
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B2B Goods and Services Exporters
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FinTech Companies
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Navigate Global Business from a Single Dashboard

Real-Time Fund Alerts

Enable webhooks for immediate alerts when funds hit your account. Stay informed and react swiftly to your fund movements without delay.

Unified Account Overview

Access all your account details at a glance. Monitor transaction credits, debits, and balances effortlessly from one central hub.

Effortless Top-Ups

Easily top up your account using diverse methods. Choose from cards or various Local Payment Methods offered by Tazapay for added convenience

Collect Globally, Pay Anywhere

Disburse Worldwide
Pay out in 60+ currencies. Get the global reach and the local effectiveness.
Simplified Payout Process
Execute both individual and bulk payouts smoothly.
Unified Financial Dashboard
Initiate and manage transactions across multiple accounts from a single interface.

Trusted by Businesses across Modern Industries

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Tazapay is the great Singapore based payment gateway app. It’s very simple, easy-to-use interface & very low transaction fees of 3.0% international rate. Mr. Tan was super helpful from pre-integration to payout process. Highly recommended and give them 5 stars for sure!

Kazuma Hayashi

The highest praise for Tazapay! Tazapay serves not only as a useful international payment gateway with low transaction fees but also as a hub of coordination, politeness, and incredible support. Since starting our partnership with Tazapay, everything has been smooth sailing, helping us manage risks in transactions and build a solid future.


Tazapay is very useful for international transactions with providing less transaction fees. Their staff's are very coordinating and polite especially Debasmitha and Priya Mohant. They are always ready provide support. We started our business with Tazapay since last 1 year and everything is going well.

Hitendra Vaghela

I have been using Tazapay for the last 3 months, and it's been amazing! In addition to having reasonable prices, they provide a top-notch support staff. Nilesh is constantly on the ball and prepared to take on any issues or questions I may have. I can't stress this enough, try it!

Great job! We started working with Tazapay about 3 months and the team is outstanding, especially KC, who is super responsive. They are also innovating extremely fast and I cant wait to see more new features and services from them!

Wee Jonn Leow
CEO, Photobook
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