Optimize Your Global Payouts, Tap into Unlimited Growth

Redefine How You Pay Globally — Simplify and Accelerate Your International Payouts.
Global payouts are more than a necessity—they're a growth lever. Tazapay streamlines payouts across 173+ countries with same-day payouts in 80+ markets, boosting your business.
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Fast, Flexible, and Streamlined Global Payments

Multi-Currency Capability

Tazapay payout currency  selection

Embrace the global marketplace with the ability to transact in multiple currencies.

Same-Day Payouts

Tazapay fast payouts, same day payout

Accelerate your operations with Tazapay's same-day payouts and settlements in 80+ countries

Multiple Payout Methods

Tazapay payouts types

From local currency transfer to wire transfer woldwide, Tazapay offers a variety of payout options to suit your business needs.

Transparent Pricing

Tazapay payout transparent pricing

With Tazapay, what you see is what you get. Our straightforward pricing model is designed to provide clarity

"One of the best things about Tazapay is their payout speeds. Just yesterday, one of our merchants requested a payout to their bank account and received it instantaneously, even though it was a swift transfer."
Mayank Chawla
Co-Founder & COO, Driffle

Simplify Your Payout Process with Our Intuitive Dashboard

From destination currency to holding currency selection, and viewer to approver access, customize your payout workflow with few clicks.
Role Based Access
Empower Your Team with Smart Access Control

Assign specific roles within your team, from viewers to approvers, ensuring secure and efficient workflow management, enhancing both security and operational efficiency.

Advanced Filtering & Search
Find Exactly What You Need, When You Need It.

Navigate through your transactions with ease using our advanced search and filtering options. Quickly locate specific payouts, view statuses, and manage your global payments more efficiently than ever.

Detailed Payout Summaries
Insight at a Glance

Gain immediate access to comprehensive payout summaries. From transaction details to status updates, our dashboard provides a complete overview of your payouts.

Payout Currency Management
Master Your Global Currencies

From selecting a destination currency to managing holding currencies, customize your payout strategy to suit your business needs. Our dashboard allows you to optimize your global payouts efficiently.

Efficient Payouts Across a Spectrum of Industries

Drive Growth and Efficiency in Your Financial Workflow

Employer on Record
Employer on Record
Salary Payouts Simplified
Learn more

Manage international payroll efficiently. Deliver timely salary payments across borders without dealing with multiple banking interfaces.

Remittance Providers
Remittance Providers
Speed Up Global Remittances
Learn more

Facilitate quick and secure remittance transfers, enhancing service reliability for end-users across the globe.

Streamlined Supplier Payouts
Learn more

Ensure swift payments to your global suppliers, supporting seamless inventory management and operational continuity.

Marketing Agencies
Marketing Agencies
Affiliate Payouts Made Easy
Learn more

Pay your affiliates anywhere in the world on time and in their preferred currency, fostering strong partnerships and network growth.

Partner Payouts for Growth
Learn more

Enhance your fintech offerings with scalable, compliant payout solutions that support diverse currencies ensuring seamless global transactions.

Reliable Seller Payouts
Learn more

Provide marketplace sellers with fast and reliable payment solutions, enhancing trust and encouraging more transactions.

Tazapay Payout Process Explained

Discover the simplicity and efficiency of our payout process designed to support your global business needs. Follow these easy steps to manage your international payouts


Choose Your Beneficiary

Start by creating a payout. You can add a new beneficiary or select one from your existing list. This ensures that your funds reach the right hands every time.


Set the Currency and Amount

Select the payout currency and amount. Our platform supports over 60 currencies, enabling flexibility for local and international business needs.


Choose Your Payout Type

Choose the best payout method: Local for domestic transfers or SWIFT for international ones, with 'OURS' (sender pays all fees) or 'SHA' (costs shared) options.


Select Your Balance Currency

Choose the payout currency of your choice. This feature allows you to take advantage of favorable exchange rates and manage your funds more effectively.


Confirm and Send

Review your details and click "Create Payout" to initiate the transaction. Our platform ensures secure and swift processing, so your funds are transferred as quickly as possible.

Global Payouts Made Easy with Tazapay Integration

Drive Growth and Efficiency in Your Financial Workflow

Simplified Integration Process

Integrate our API seamlessly with your systems for quick setup and start processing global payments efficiently.

Automated FX Conversion

Automate currency conversions with Tazapay, ensuring efficient transactions in over 100 currencies at competitive rates.

Scalable Solutions for Global Expansion

Our API grows with your business, supporting higher volumes and more extensive payment routes seamlessly.

Real-Time Transaction Tracking

Monitor payment status in real-time, with detailed insights into every transaction, including FX conversions.

Experience the Payout Platform Preferred by Industry Leaders

Join a growing community of forward-thinking businesses that have chosen Tazapay for their global payout needs. From tech startups to multinational corporations, our platform is built to support diverse financial operations at scale.
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